Thursday, June 25, 2009


three or four days ago i informed my mother that we had a slight problem: i had been outside and i kept hearing this weird sort of clinking sound, which i determined to be a ground beetle stuck inside the metal leg of the gazebo we built around the beginning of the month. i went to investigate and, sure enough, there were little beetle legs and antennae and mandibles poking through the tiny space between the bottom of the metal leg and the round metal piece on the ground. clink clink clink. i'd immediately gone into the garage for a screwdriver, but when i came back the little bug parts were gone, and the clinking had moved to a different leg of the gazebo. i figured maybe they could move between the legs somehow, so they couldn't really be stuck. but how they got in there i have no idea, nor do i know how they could possibly move between legs. anyway, i figured i'd give them time to figure their way out on their own.

one day later, i was outside again and they were still stuck (by then i had determined that there were at least two). that's when i told my mother, but of course she didn't care. she isn't terribly compassionate toward the welfare of insects. i told her that all we need to do is unscrew the bottom of the leg from the metal foot on the ground, then lift the leg enough for the beetle(s) to get out. she did not want to help. she said if they were stupid enough to get in, then they can get out.

today, i went out to move my tomato plant into the sunlight, and the clinking sound was still there. i just couldn't take it anymore. i got the screw driver and started to unscrew the leg. i lifted it up a little and the tiny bug extensions zealously pushed forward, but the space was still not wide enough. i told it to calm down - if i drop the leg it'll hurt you! so i had to take the screws all the way out and lift the leg high. one pretty metallic green ground beetle ran out, obviously excited to have more space to move. i moved the leg of the gazebo to the side and found another of the same beetle just chilling there. i poked it to see if it was still alive, and it was, but i guess it was the one who had given up hope. after some more poking, it ran.

i'm glad they are okay now. i feel bad for leaving them in there for that long, though. i still don't know how they got in there, or how they got from one leg to the other; unless there's a third party, but i didn't hear or see anything near any other corner of the gazebo. if it should happen again, i'll have to free them right away.

Monday, June 22, 2009

some favorite tastes

green peas
red/purple grapes
steamed broccoli
bosc pears
baked potatoes
corn on the cob
carrot sticks
bok choy

Thursday, June 11, 2009


preferably nothing more than.